Emerging into Spring

Despite snow being on the ground here in New York, and perhaps near you too, I feel it. Do you? Spring is in the air. Oh thank the Universe for this beautiful changing of the seasons!! Every year around this time, I’m done. D. O. N. E. Done. I’ve had it with cold, with staying home, with dry skin, with lack of sun…and then, here … Continue reading Emerging into Spring

Well, Hello, Frank! (Frankincense that is)

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Frankincense by now. Whether as an essential oil or in skincare. Frankincense was new to me when I learned about it 6 years ago. To tell the truth, I hated the smell. Literally I was like UGH. Guess what? Fast forward a year from then and I was not only LOVING the scent, I was massaging … Continue reading Well, Hello, Frank! (Frankincense that is)

Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

I’m telling you, there’s something about using skincare with natural flower scents and essential oils that is beyond good! It’s magic. Ok, not magic but it’s pretty damn therapeutic if you ask me. Take Garden Mint and Bergamot for example. I cannot use this lotion or wash or body butter without feeling like summer.  Even if my house is freezing and I’m in my Old … Continue reading Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

I love top 10 lists!!  I really do. They are short and sweet and to the point.Do you like them too? Here’s my top 10 SPRING BEAUTY RENEWAL NECESSITIES! 1- Get the fantastic and informative HEALING FOODS BOOK and learn healing properties of 175 foods to incorporate into your diet! Time to eat healthy, feel light and renewed after heavy winter foods. I have a Pinterest … Continue reading Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

I am a warm weather lover are you? The sun is stronger, the warmth is inviting us to get outside and emerge from under layers of winter clothing. Unfortunately your skin might still be feeling the effects of the cold harsh air. Here are a few beauty fixes (some you can even make at home) to get your skin glowing and ready to be seen: … Continue reading 4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

Buying skincare and makeup is confusing enough isn’t it? There are hundreds of brands and some have amazing packaging (but can be filled with basically crap) Labels tend to make it even more confusing and overwhelming when we aren’t sure what we’re looking for. Sometimes we are tempted by the lure of labels reading “younger skin in 30 days” or “proven to work” and we … Continue reading Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!