Why Clean Beauty Matters

  Clean Beauty.  It’s all the buzz nowadays. It’s like we went too far and are now finally stepping back toward a good place- toward nature…back to what our great GREAT Grandmothers used, but mixed with modern day knowledge and science. Back to plant based, simple  products. Back to home remedies and moisturizers that work without the nasties in them. What’s this trend toward clean … Continue reading Why Clean Beauty Matters

Winter Reboot- 15 fast ways to feel better

  I am not a winter person. Never was. But I have been learning, patiently, to embrace it as much as I can. Basically it’s embrace or complain right? In the Danish way of HYGGE , which loosely translates to enjoying your days with coziness, small pleasures and feelings of wellness and contentment, I have decided to pamper me more. And why not? By pamper, … Continue reading Winter Reboot- 15 fast ways to feel better

Your Year to NOURISH Mind, Body and Spirit

#NOURISH I JUST LOVE that word, do you? meaning: “to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition” Consider this YOUR year to NOURISH yourself, starting this very minute. MIND BODY and SOUL WITH GOOD FOOD WITH GOOD NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS WITH SUPERFOODS for detoxing, purifying, GLOWING! NOURISH your MIND with great books NOURISH your body by pampering…take baths, walks, … Continue reading Your Year to NOURISH Mind, Body and Spirit

Small Beauty Changes that Keep You out of a Rut!

Women sometimes fall into a beauty rut, unlike teenagers, who often change their looks year to year. Learning the art of switching things up and keeping on trend can not only make you look a little different each day, it can keep you looking younger too! Master the Eyeliner There’s nothing like perfectly symmetrical cat eyes, but there may be nothing worse than jagged uneven … Continue reading Small Beauty Changes that Keep You out of a Rut!

Natural Holiday Beauty Gifts

this post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you make a purchase.   Natural gifts are more and more popular and this is the time to share your love of natural, organic, ethical, safe products. When we’re shopping for others, we often grab for ourselves too. Ok, well maybe I’m just speaking for myself. … Continue reading Natural Holiday Beauty Gifts

Simple Ideas to Help you Relax at Night

CRAZY DAYS RUNNING AROUND? WORK, KIDS, DINNER, CLASSES, CLEANING??? It’s no wonder we can get frazzled and can’t relax at night. But there are a few things that can help. Try Aromatherapy There are certain scents that are known for their relaxing and sleep inducing abilities. These include lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage,chamomile and more. Neal’s Yard Remedies makes specific blends for various specifics including one for … Continue reading Simple Ideas to Help you Relax at Night

Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Reduce your toxin exposure by making some simple one by one changes each week! Make changes that can only benefit your family!   ~ Use a water filter for your tap water. No need for bottled water. ~ Switch to laundry washer balls or a non scented, non-dyed detergent and throw out dryer sheets for once and for all. I got rid of them years … Continue reading Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Beauty Hacks from your Kitchen

Did you know that there are items in your kitchen that make great beauty hacks and that will give you a spa experience at home? You can save money by making your own foot, facial and body scrubs to give yourself glowing skin- and on a budget too! Here are the ingredients you’ll need: Baking soda Coffee grounds Coconut, almond, grapeseed, or olive oil Tea … Continue reading Beauty Hacks from your Kitchen

Quick Ways to Relax After a Long Day

Whether your day is at work, shopping or taking in the city sites with the family, we often come home exhausted yet sort of wired. Here’s a few ways to quickly relax (and pamper yourself) in 15 minutes!   Take an Epsom Salt Bath Any bath is relaxing and relieves stress but using epsom salts takes it a step further. The magnesium in epsom salts is absorbed … Continue reading Quick Ways to Relax After a Long Day

Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

I’m telling you, there’s something about using skincare with natural flower scents and essential oils that is beyond good! It’s magic. Ok, not magic but it’s pretty damn therapeutic if you ask me. Take Garden Mint and Bergamot for example. I cannot use this lotion or wash or body butter without feeling like summer.  Even if my house is freezing and I’m in my Old … Continue reading Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

3 Popular Essential Oils

If you are exploring living a more natural lifestyle and looking for home remedies and healthy, natural solutions, perhaps you’ve heard about using essential oils. There are dozens and dozens of essential oils and it can be overwhelming trying to learn all their uses. But I do know that there are several every house should have on hand. These are three you may want to look into getting. Lavender– … Continue reading 3 Popular Essential Oils

Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

I love top 10 lists!!  I really do. They are short and sweet and to the point.Do you like them too? Here’s my top 10 SPRING BEAUTY RENEWAL NECESSITIES! 1- Get the fantastic and informative HEALING FOODS BOOK and learn healing properties of 175 foods to incorporate into your diet! Time to eat healthy, feel light and renewed after heavy winter foods. I have a Pinterest … Continue reading Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

I am a warm weather lover are you? The sun is stronger, the warmth is inviting us to get outside and emerge from under layers of winter clothing. Unfortunately your skin might still be feeling the effects of the cold harsh air. Here are a few beauty fixes (some you can even make at home) to get your skin glowing and ready to be seen: … Continue reading 4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

Simple ways to live a more natural lifestyle

Learning to embrace a more natural lifestyle is as simple as getting back to the basics. In a crazy, very plugged in fast paced go-go-go world, it’s important to balance your life with as much nature, grounding and cultivating your passions as possible.Slow down to enjoy the pace of simpler days.Here are some ideas to get you started Get in Touch With Your Earthy Side … Continue reading Simple ways to live a more natural lifestyle

Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

Buying skincare and makeup is confusing enough isn’t it? There are hundreds of brands and some have amazing packaging (but can be filled with basically crap) Labels tend to make it even more confusing and overwhelming when we aren’t sure what we’re looking for. Sometimes we are tempted by the lure of labels reading “younger skin in 30 days” or “proven to work” and we … Continue reading Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, here’s a few reasons why you might love it!

I’ve practiced yoga over 16 years now. A simple practice, from home, using DVD’s or online videos. Some weeks I may do it 4 times, others maybe once. But I truly feel yoga has many benefits even if you just practice once a week, or 10 minutes a day. Stress Yoga helps the “stress” factor. With the bombardment of stimulation from electronics, crowds, traffic, and … Continue reading If you haven’t tried yoga yet, here’s a few reasons why you might love it!

Dream Job/Organic Journey

I thought this was a great first post on my blog. This simple graphic sums up what I do and how I feel about a dream job. Is it fun and flexible? Yes. Do I absolutely love it? Yes. And does it earn me money, helping my family? Yes! Plus helping others-Moms like you- to try some amazing, safe and effective products you can feel great … Continue reading Dream Job/Organic Journey