Tomatoes- for meals and for skin!

If you’re lucky enough to grow tomatoes, you know you’re always in for a huge treat late summer. Picked at the height of the season, a fresh tomato is a mouthwatering delight for many people, myself included. Not only do tomatoes taste incredible, they are known to have potential benefits to skin! Lycopene and beta carotene can help protect skin against damage and UV damage. … Continue reading Tomatoes- for meals and for skin!

14 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Feel Better!

Everything is energy. We all vibrate at a certain energy level and we can change that by simply doing different things and thinking different thoughts. Without getting into quantum physics , let’s just think of it as what we do, think, say and feel, we become. So if we want to become lighter, rather than that heavy sluggish energy we all carry time to time, … Continue reading 14 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Feel Better!

Emerging into Spring

Despite snow being on the ground here in New York, and perhaps near you too, I feel it. Do you? Spring is in the air. Oh thank the Universe for this beautiful changing of the seasons!! Every year around this time, I’m done. D. O. N. E. Done. I’ve had it with cold, with staying home, with dry skin, with lack of sun…and then, here … Continue reading Emerging into Spring

Balancing Your Five Areas of Wellness

We all hear the term “wellness” pretty often nowadays don’t we? It’s everywhere! What does it make you think of? Do you instantly think physical well-being? Emotional? Both? Neither? Something else? Turns out wellness has a broad definition, but many people think of it simply as “being well”. That’s how I think of it- feeling well, being well, living well, sort of like a wholeness. … Continue reading Balancing Your Five Areas of Wellness