8 habits that are hurting your skin

Some people are lucky to have naturally flawless skin. But for most of us, it takes work to keep our skin looking its best. Are you guilty of any of these habits? And keep reading for 8 better choices you can make to improve the look, texture, tone and radiance of your skin.   1~ going to bed with make up on. Just no. Give … Continue reading 8 habits that are hurting your skin

Making Earth Day EVERY day

With Earth Day falling the day after Easter this year, as well as on our school spring break, I noticed many friends were either still busy on vacation or visiting family, or cleaning up from a family Holiday. So with that in mind, we can make the rest of April “Earth month”, then really, if you think about it, earth year, and we can make … Continue reading Making Earth Day EVERY day

6 Ways to Look Younger Naturally

Embracing aging doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our best. Trust me I know. I’m on that fine line between embracing it, fighting it and just trying to live in the moment. When we feel young on the inside ( I do, do you?), we want our face and body to look youthful and glowing too!  Though, yeah, I get it, not everyone is … Continue reading 6 Ways to Look Younger Naturally

14 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Feel Better!

Everything is energy. We all vibrate at a certain energy level and we can change that by simply doing different things and thinking different thoughts. Without getting into quantum physics , let’s just think of it as what we do, think, say and feel, we become. So if we want to become lighter, rather than that heavy sluggish energy we all carry time to time, … Continue reading 14 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Feel Better!

Emerging into Spring

Despite snow being on the ground here in New York, and perhaps near you too, I feel it. Do you? Spring is in the air. Oh thank the Universe for this beautiful changing of the seasons!! Every year around this time, I’m done. D. O. N. E. Done. I’ve had it with cold, with staying home, with dry skin, with lack of sun…and then, here … Continue reading Emerging into Spring