8 habits that are hurting your skin

Some people are lucky to have naturally flawless skin. But for most of us, it takes work to keep our skin looking its best. Are you guilty of any of these habits? And keep reading for 8 better choices you can make to improve the look, texture, tone and radiance of your skin.


1~ going to bed with make up on. Just no. Give your skin some breathing space

2~skipping gentle exfoliation

3~not toning and using hydrating mists in the day

4~wearing a chemical sunscreen

5~not wearing ANY sunscreen , excess sun exposure

6~not sleeping enough

7~not cleaning or replacing make up brushes.  Using a make up brush cleanser or a gentle soap and water, clean them regularly and replace as needed, usually every 6-12 months

8~consuming too much sugar



8 better choices

~Cleanse gently. Every night. Who wants to sleep  all those hours with your skin covered in make up? EW. Let skin breathe.

~once or twice a week use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. We all need it and it will improve brightness and radiance.

~Use a toner – every single day, yes. I recommend NYR Organic, personally I use the Rehydrating Rose toner and love it!.  Toners are fabulous not only for removing those last drops of make up and detoxing  skin but also to prepare the skin to better absorb moisture serums and creams. By day, I use a facial mist when skin feels dry ( and it’s great to cool off or for a pick-me-up too!)

~wear mineral sunscreens. Look for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the ingredients, never oxybenzone.

~wear hats in the sun or seek shade midday. Smart move for skin. I love the sun but nowadays I also am more aware of it and take precautions.

~get to bed earlier.  It’s essential to look well rested.

~clean make up brushes with a gentle liquid soap, shape as it re-dries. replace when they start looking bad or every 3-9 months.

~ make simple healthier diet changes that add up!  Too much causes inflammation in our bodies and it shows on our faces. Simply put, a cleaner less processed diet is best for skin, amongst many other things.



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