6 Ways to Look Younger Naturally

Embracing aging doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our best. Trust me I know. I’m on that fine line between embracing it, fighting it and just trying to live in the moment.

When we feel young on the inside ( I do, do you?), we want our face and body to look youthful and glowing too!  Though, yeah, I get it, not everyone is Jennifer Lopez- virtually ageless.

And not everyone is into injections or facelifts. There are no magic pills or creams that eliminate aging entirely.

BUT there are a few steps you can take to brighten your appearance and help maintain a that more youthful look.

1 Exfoliate and then drench your skin

Our faces are what shows our age the most. So taking good care of skin (even if you have years of damage) starts today!

Exfoliate your face with gentle scrubs and polishes. Twice a week is best for most women, though many people with dry skin can use a polish 4 days a week even!

As we age, skin turnover is much slower. Sloughing off dry patches not only helps that turnover, it gives your skin a fresh dewy glow and allows creams and cosmetics to go on smoother.

These are the scrubs I use… rose for a light, gentle polish, orange for more grainy feel and deeper exfoliation , palmarosa if you’re oily and it’s great for teens too.

Drench your skin with moisture. Aging dries out skin on most women. Parched, cracked, skin makes you look older, doesn’t it?   We’ve all seen people with that look.

You may need to switch moisturizers as you age (and seasonally too) to heavier ones loaded with skin plumping and brightening ingredients.

Adding oils and serums is a must for dehydrated skin to keep more of a plump youthful look.  Frankincense helps tremendously with skin that is showing lines, some sagging and lack of tone.  It’s my #1 favorite facial line!

Wild Rose Beauty Balm has a cult like following and is amazing for glow and major radiance on any type skin!  It’s pretty much a MUST-HAVE product for every beauty counter, every age, every woman, if you ask me!!   A little goes a long way. I’m pretty addicted to this stuff!


2 Whiten Your Teeth

A beautiful smile is always a great way to look more youthful, but coffee, tea, and wine all stain your teeth. You can visit a dentist for a professional whitening, but there are many home treatment options that can lighten teeth a few shades.


3 Get Your Zzz’s

Many women have a harder time sleeping as they get older. Lack of sleep shows up on our faces much more than when we were 21. Bags under our eyes, dark shadows, and general tiredness can add years to our faces.  and that’s the truth isn’t it?

A good night’s rest is essential.

Hit the pillow earlier, keep the room dark and cool, and wear a sleep mask or earplugs if that helps you tune out noise and light.

Try some beauty sleep products too and a nice pillow mist! 


4 Avoid Sugar

Living on cake, sugar, white flour, and other junk takes its toll. Without a nutrition lesson here, the best bet to look youthful is to eat clean.   Add more water, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like avocado and olive oil for healthy, radiant, plump skin.


5 Try a New Hair Style

No matter what your color, a few lighter strands around the face is youthful and brightening. As an ex hairdresser I can attest to this. So often I’ve seen women transform their entire look but changing their hair color a little or getting a trendy youthful haircut.

So, consider your haircut.  Is it flattering? Ask a close friend or relative for an honest opinion. Often cutting off a few inches of dry split ends, or adding soft layers around the face, will change your appearance just enough to look more youthful .

Bangs aren’t for everyone, but long, soft, side-swept bangs can help cover forehead wrinkles. That’s well known.  Book an appointment with your favorite stylist and ask for a cut and color with the goal of looking more youthful. A good stylist will have experience working with all ages, face shapes, and hair textures, and will help you look your best.


6 Stay active and fill yourself with good energy

Whether it’s running, yoga, walking, tai chi or any form of exercise, it gets our blood flowing and our muscles lean and strong. Exercise helps us maintain that youthful look and vibrant energy.  Another reason to exercise is to keep those endorphins flowing, which put us in a sunny mood and full of good energy. I’m sure we’ve all met those people in their 80’s full of such youthful energy and bounce in their step right? It’s all about staying active to stay youthful to look and feel great!


This post contains affiliate links or links to my direct sales independent consultant site and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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