Emerging into Spring

Despite some snow piles still on the ground here in New York,  I feel Spring.  Oh thank the Universe for this beautiful changing of the seasons!

Every year around this time, I’m done. D. O. N. E. Done. I’ve had it with cold, with staying home, with dry skin, with lack of sun…and then, here it comes FINALLY, one day, the sun is shining, the tulips are up and I feel that extra spring in my step. Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you ever feel that way too? Like shaking off the cobwebs of winter, mentally and physically, I am emerging from this cocoon. While the last few years I have really tried to embrace the winter and that Hygge feeling, there is nothing like warm days outside… for me anyway. For most of us, I’d say.

Since it’s just about Spring on the calendar here, I wanted to share several things we can do this time of year that help us flow right into the season, feeling better and looking better-and brighter-too.

Uncover a soft glowing body

Many of us get super dry skin in the winter. As Spring rolls in we need to uncover and buff dry spots with more body polishes to remove all that dull dry skin- on elbows, knees , arms and ankles in particular. Use a body polish about 3-4x a week. Lemongrass has some pretty amazing scents with their lovely body polishes!

Then drench in a good body butter. I’m all about butters and some of my favorites are Earthley’s Vanilla Bean body butter and  Lemongrass Spa’s body butter and body icings. Follain has a $15 off your first purchase right now and not only has their own line, they carry products from many including Vintner’s Daughter, Ursa Major, Tata Harper and Herbivore Botanicals just to name a few. I know, it’s hard to choose a favorite , but you almost can’t go wrong with these lines.

Get your face glowing too!

Ok, so if you’ve read any of my blogs before you know I am a serum and oil junkie.  Straight out I’ll say they are the best products you can use on your skin for GLOW! Not to mention all the deep healing and line softening and skin plumping actions they are known for! I never use a moisturizer alone, always after a serum and/or oil. and somedays ( shhh) I ONY use serums and oils!  SO. GOOD. Do I have a favorite? Well, yes and no. I love A LOT OF them!

Frankincense Intense and LIFT serums are tops and so are many of the oils you’ll find at the Follain site. Want high end? Try Vintner’s Daughter active botanical serum, getting amazing reviews and $185. Less pricey, try the Neal’s Yard Remedies I mentioned. At a lower end pricing but still good, at just 18.99 , Earthley’s organic Rejuvenate Me argan oil based serum does a great job on hydrating and adding glow! 



It’s also the time to switch to your spring face! Whether that’s using the trendy colors of this year, ( with less matte and more shimmer) or just choosing a lighter pinkish or coral lipstick and blush. I’ve been using Hynt beauty and now they even ship FREE on orders  $20 and up! Lemongrass Spa is also a clean beauty line with some nice affordable make up! 


Something about the change of each season gets me on a path of change myself. If you’re feeling that way, consider some online courses or follow people who do webinars and offer LIVE videos that inspire you, in whichever area you are currently focusing on….maybe that’s health, maybe law of attraction and abundance, maybe decluttering and being more mindful.

There are just so many books, e-books, resources and videos and many offer 7, 10, 14 day “challenges” that get you committing to that change. Get your phone and laptop loaded up, choose 1 or 2 and you’ll definitely feel that mindset shift, from the winter mind funk to the new growth of spring.

Body reset

Do you have your “winter body” still? That extra pound, or 5, or just that feeling of flabbiness and being a bit thicker than you want?

Despite all my exercise in winter, for this non-gym goer, it’s not enough.

Once it hits a permanent 50+ here, you’ll find me walking outside every day.

Yeah, I know people do it when it’s 30 degrees out too, and I DID this winter, just very short walks.

So now my walks can get back to an hour or more, I usually find a few of those extra pounds sliding off…well, I wish they’d slide….sometimes it’s a slow painful drip off.  If you love walking meditations, add the CALM app to your phone( it’s a paid app with some free content). These meditations are fabulous!

You can also listen in to podcasts, as I often do, to work your mind when you’re working your body. Double win. Aim for 1 hour a day walking at your local park, beach, town or neighborhood.

If you’re into yoga and love gorgeous background scenery, check out Boho Beautiful on youtube. If you’re just getting started, look for Yoga with Adriene. She has hundreds of videos!


I find filling my home with my fresh cut spring flowers and opening the windows an instant mood uplift. I also put away any decor that says “winter” to me. I bring out my shells, beachy stuff and light bright throw pillows. I even switch up my entrance mat to reflect the new season.

Diffusing light spring scents like lemongrass, mandarin or an optimism blend will add an incredible feel and scent to your house. With no chemicals! I always diffuse under an hour at a time, it’s more than enough. A few drops will do.  I like oils from Jade Bloom ( check out their University too, where you earn points for free products!) and Vitality Extracts ( and those adorable diffuser bracelets!)

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.08.35 AM.png


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