Start the New Year off with Clean Eating and Natural Detoxing!

It’s late December….almost 2019. How are you feeling physically right now? Maybe tired, stressed, frazzled? Maybe , if you’re like me, you’re feeling the opposite of thin- basically THICK. All those nibbles of crackers and cheese, nuts, cookies and the desserts and drinks have caught up. Even if the scale only registers a pound or 2 more, like mine, we all know that not-so-good feeling of a few weeks of overeating. Which is why they invented new years right? ( of course) . Um, well yeah, so maybe not, but it is the PERFECT time to choose clean eating and do some natural detoxing.

I have some great products I have found.  And they are organic! Nothing better than that.  If you are serious about getting slimmer and fitter and feeling full of energy, we all know diet and exercise will be a huge part of that. Eating clean , though, and getting super foods and nutrients is even more important than cutting calories. It’s about nurturing our bodies and detoxing in a healthy way after those holiday season meals.

Have you heard of superfoods? HB Naturals makes a trilogy of body , mind and soul super foods, each with a unique purpose they serve. Which one you choose depends on you. Or maybe you want all 3.

BODY is a superfood designed to nourish your whole system and reduce chronic inflammation. It includes fruits and adaptogens to help our bodies deal with stress.Body_socialmedia2


MIND is a superfood that supports the body, can uplift your mood and can help you get restful sleep. More info here

Fresh organic turmeric juice. Raw food

SOUL ayervedic superfoods start where it’s the most important- our gut.  It promotes digestion, soothes the stomach and assists with detoxifying the liver. SOUL is packed with chlorophyll-rich alkalizing green superfoods and ancient Ayurvedic herbs known to support the liver and kidneys. See more info or shop here. Setting up your free wholesale account gets you perks!

Brimming with nutrients


HB Naturals also carries SLIMMER and VITALITEA , both weight loss products to help you lose safely. SLIMMER does not contain laxatives or stimulants. It’s made with 9 powerful metabolism-boosting superfoods. Vitalitea is a detox tea with phytonutrients, high antioxidants, and known healing herbs.



Touchstone Essentials is another company known for their superfood greens amongst other things. One scoop contains 44 organic superfoods!  I know, 44!!!  Supergreens also  contains three adaptogen herbs: eleuthero root, ginseng and the king of adaptogens, Rhodiola Rosea. Together these herbs support stress response and recovery.  It’s all Non GMO too of course, for healthy whole body and gut. Learn more or shop here.


If you are not into the greens, eat a clean diet of bountiful raw fruits and vegetables, along with protein and grains if you do grains. Everyone’s diet is so different, it’s up to the individual to decide HOW to eat. You can consider adding WELLSPRING supplements. These have amazing ingredients for skin, joint, immune, heart and digestive health!

You can also get your superfood greens in pill form if you aren’t into drinking it. Plant based superfood nutrition with digestive enzymes, probiotics and a healthy dose of the SUNSHINE nutrient, vitamin D! See them here 

Last, you can curb cravings and boost metabolism with BOOST FOCUS FUEL,a powerful combination of organic extracts  that gives a boost to weight loss by making it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices. The natural extracts target all 3 proven ways to lose weight: metabolism, cravings and energy.

Each of the organic extracts is renowned for support of metabolism, appetite control, mental clarity and energy. Together, they are even more powerful.77eaaad9699cc19a922f5061405c170b


As we all embark on this new year, I think we should remember to treat our bodies with love and kindness. Nurturing ourselves with good food, good herbs and clean eating gives us a fabulous feeling of lightness and renewed energy!

Though this blog is about “green beauty”, beauty also comes from the inside. You can see a beautiful person who is very unhealthy just doesn’t have that same glow as when they take good care of their insides too. Skin glows, eyes shine, energy increases and yea, you probably smile a lot more when you sleep well and you’ll have a bounce in your step from that light feeling of a detoxed body.


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