Winter Reboot- 15 fast ways to feel better


14656338_10210997185505109_6447475192041365604_nI am not a winter person. Never was. But I have been learning, patiently, to embrace it as much as I can. Basically it’s embrace or complain right?

In the Danish way of HYGGE , which loosely translates to enjoying your days with coziness, small pleasures and feelings of wellness and contentment, I have decided to pamper me more. And why not? By pamper, I don’t mean JUST beauty treatments like running to a nail salon. Perhaps pampering is the wrong word.

How about taking care of yourself exquisitely?  Nurturing your mind, body and soul. Slowing down and savoring. Surrounding yourself with love and beauty. Giving yourself a little REBOOT out of the winter funk many of us fall into.

Sound good? These very simple 15 things are often neglected when we rush through the day-harried and stressed- and sort of forget about ourselves.  The more you do, the more enjoyable your days will be. Really.

  1. Never skip a day of music. Choose those songs that stir your soul , uplift you or always make you want to sing along.
  2. Indulge yourself with a nightly skin pampering bath or shower without anyone interrupting. Water therapy!
  3. Nurture your body with superfoods to cleanse or relax. Full of herbs and adaptogens that will make you feel better-in and out. Take your vitamin D if you don’t live in the south and a good vitamin
  4. Walk more. Take the stairs. Park further. Walk the dog. It all adds up.
  5. Make your beauty routine a time of gentle nurturing. Use face masks, aromatic skincare that is scented naturally and gently apply with a loving touch.
  6. Yoga. Every day. Even if it’s 10 minutes, it’s time for you. ( 20-30 minutes is even better)
  7. Try Tai Chi , meditation or simply deep breathing every night before bed.
  8. Power down electronics early, darken the bedroom and scent the air with soothing relaxing lavender, ylang ylang or night time blend. A night time pillow spray is an excellent idea too.
  9. Read. Daily. Read something you love. Find a new author. Stretch your mind. Escape into a good book!
  10. Nurture your body with fresh, healthy seasonal foods. The more you eat this way, the less you will want packaged foods. It’s true.
  11. Get rid of artificial scents in your house that can cause headaches. Headaches are stressful. The goal here is less stress.
  12. Add live plants to your house. Not only do they detox the air, you’ll literally feel better surrounded by them.
  13. Embrace a winter storm. Light the fire, grab the blanket, put away the to-do list. Hygge style.
  14. Get a massage- from your kids, your significant other or at a spa. Or give yourself one. You can massage your own hands, feet, face and head. So relaxing. If not a massage, more cuddles and hugs from the kids releases those amazing endorphins for both of you!
  15. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside every day if you can. Take walks at parks, even if it’s cold. being in nature, seeing the animals, trees, water….it’s so therapeutic.Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.16.19 PM

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