Your Year to NOURISH Mind, Body and Spirit

I JUST LOVE that word, do you?
meaning: “to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition”
Consider this YOUR year to NOURISH yourself, starting this very minute.
WITH SUPERFOODS for detoxing, purifying, GLOWING!
NOURISH your MIND with great books
NOURISH your body by pampering…take baths, walks, do yoga, relax, sleep more, stress less, laugh more, engage with your loved ones, get out in nature…
Dig deeper into the things that make your spirit soar
Take more time for meditation
For slow luxurious pampering
for cooking WHOLE healthy foods and savoring the meal
What I love about Neal’s Yard Remedies – ok,yeah, I pretty much LOVE it all – is that we are about WHOLE BODY NOURISHMENT and NATURAL INNER and OUTER BEAUTY
LOVE YOURSELF from the inside out
Organic SKINCARE with no dyes, parabens or anything CRAPPY or potentially toxic , made with wonderful organic essential oil scents that nourish our senses.
Room sprays so you are not breathing in a chemical concoction.
Essential oils to scent your house, soothe your mind, energize without drugs
Safe bath and body products so you don’t slather in chemicals….and NOURISH your body
Join me on this journey to wellness with NYR and nourish yourself while helping others do the same.
It’s a win win you will feel WONDERFUL about!
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.14.39 PM.png

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