3 Popular Essential Oils

If you are exploring living a more natural lifestyle and looking for home remedies and healthy, natural solutions, perhaps you’ve heard about using essential oils. There are dozens and dozens of essential oils and it can be overwhelming trying to learn all their uses. But I do know that there are several every house should have on hand.

These are three you may want to look into getting.

Lavender– Soothing, relaxing, great at bedtime when you can’t settle down. Good for headaches (try a drop or 2 on a cool cloth draped over your forehead)
Analgesic, anti-fungal,anti-viral, anti-bacterial. Super for burns. Make sure to use in carrier oils.

I use lavender in homemade shower scrubs -a few drops mixed with oil and sugar and I’m relaxed AND my skin is glowing!

Lavender can also be used in homemade cleaners and pillow mists.

Sometimes the scents of essential oils seem overly powerful in the beginning but soon you’ll find that they are just truly lovely to your senses and synthetic fragrances smell more and more fake. A walk down the detergent aisle at the grocery store will not be enjoyable.

Tea Tree Oil is known for its powerful anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects. It’s great for many skin issues like athlete’s foot, corns, nail fungus and more. It’s great for acne too. Do not take internally.

Peppermint-Uplifting scent with anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial effects. Great for coughs, headaches, dandruff, congestion, soothing stomachs and more. Must be diluted with carrier oil. Try a few drops on a tissue, kept on your desk, to sniff as necessary to boost your mood or help clear your nose.

There are many more uses for these three oils, that is just a beginning!  I HIGHLY recommend having essential oils in your house. You can get the ones I love at Neal’s Yard Remedies at a great price.

There are also essential oil blends that are wonderful and combine scents that have the same effect, like relaxing or uplifting qualities. If you have a child in college, a scent known to increase alertness and combat fatigue may just do the trick at study time.

Want to learn more about oils? Here’s a great reference book you can add to your reading!

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