Simple ways to live a more natural lifestyle

Learning to embrace a more natural lifestyle is as simple as getting back to the basics. In a crazy, very plugged in fast paced go-go-go world, it’s important to balance your life with as much nature, grounding and cultivating your passions as possible.Slow down to enjoy the pace of simpler days.Here are some ideas to get you started
Get in Touch With Your Earthy Side
This means getting outside! My favorite place to be.
Get your hands dirty.
Walk barefoot.
Plan a long hike or family hikes.
Go to farmers markets and spend an hour or more just picking out fresh foods and eating some there, if possible.
Have a picnic.
Go to a farm.
In order to really get in touch with nature, you have to get rid of the “unnatural” in your life, if even for only one afternoon a week.
Try unplugging and heading to the woods, a farm, a beach, or a mountain and just BEING. No books, no magazines – and of course nothing with an on/off button.The mental slowing down is a huge investment you make in yourself. You need to connect with Mother Nature as much as possible to stay grounded and at peace with yourself. It’s easy to say we don’t have the time to do this. But it’s truly amazing and restorative to spend quiet time immersed in nature.

I know I feel like a whole new person after a four-hour hike or a long walk on a quiet beach.

Change Your Food Habits

Try to buy those foods that walk, grew, or swam – instead of being created in a factory. The more whole foods we nourish our bodies with, the better we feel.

Eating organic, whole foods is the best way to go.

Avoid pesticides, chemicals, dyes, and fake fats.

Just eat and prepare simple old-fashioned real wholesome goodness. Locally grown organic food is best. Can’t afford organic? At least buy fruits and veggies local.

Minimize the Artificial

Everything from lighting (use more energy-efficient alternatives or keep windows open) to decorations to color. Try to bring as much of the outdoors IN as you can.

Decorate with flowers, plants, shells, wood, rocks, driftwood, etc.

Paint with a natural palette of colors – earth tones and jewel tones look beautiful together and are soothing to the eye.  Cut back on the plastics,  the electronics, air-conditioning  and excess lights. Keep windows open as much as possible for fresh air.

Develop Your Spiritual Side

Learning to be aware of your thoughts and actions helps maintain a healthy attitude and a sense of truthfulness to your spirit.

Pursuing passions in your spare time, especially ones that are are physical or involve the arts, will balance your mental, physical and spiritual sides – and keep your body in harmony with your thoughts.

Be open, be truthful and learn to focus on doing what really makes you feel good.

Get Creative

Unleash your creative side by dancing, doing yoga, painting, writing, drawing, photography or whatever makes you feel wildly passionate and happy. Helping others, volunteering, playing with pets?

Do the things that bring you peace, happiness and joy.The happier we are inside, the more joy and love we radiate to others and the more aware we are of the earth around us. The more natural lifestyle we seek to live is within reach by making small daily changes.

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